Posts about my experience as indie game developer, participating in Epic Games's UE4 GameJam.
My GameJam progress and updates are also available in this section.

[UE4JAM Oct 2015] – Killing Titan Saving Giants played in VR!

Big thanks to Michael Allar for trying out my little game in Oculus VR! (more…)

[EU4JAM Oct 2015] AwesomeAllar Twitch Stream!

Micheal Allar – on his twitch.tv channel – a live stream for all UE4 MegaJam submission, that’s including mine! (more…)

[UE4JAM Oct 2015] – Killing Titan Saving Giants Scenes.

Didn’t quite have the chance to share some of my game – Killing Titan Saving Giants – UE4 MegaJam submission, but now, here it is! (more…)

[EU4JAM Oct 2015] The scene are ready!

After getting back from the short weekend break, I decided to prepare the scene, and it’s pretty much done. (more…)

[EU4JAM Oct 2015] Going FirstPersonShooter Path!

So, after validating few of my own proposed ideas :p, I decided to go with FPS gameplay element. I want it to be short, straightforward and interesting.  (more…)

[UE4JAM Oct 2015] Theme Announced!

I’m pretty sure all of the UE4 MegaJam participants was really hyped in the moment the theme was announced, I was too! So, what does it really mean anyway? (more…)