Corridor Crisis v1.9.8 – What’s New?

After a long due, I finally able to deploy updates on Corridor Crisis. There’s quite a lot of changes and improvement made!

1. Gameplay and UX/UI Improvement

  1. Crosshair will now always be displayed even when you’re taking cover.
  2. GUARD indicator – when the enemy will not receive any damage – is available. So don’t waste your bullet when you see this indicator is up!
  3. Health Bar – Enemy now has health bar displayed on screen.
  4. Room Number – Displayed each time you starts in a new room.
  5. Move To Next Room Icon – The tap-to-move-to-next-room now displayed more clearly at the bottom center screen, each time you cleared a room.



cc-v197-ss-room-start cc-v197-ss-clear


2. Rewards

Clearing a corridor now rewards you Unique Badges (used to unlock weapons), and can be repeatedly acquired. And by the way, all rooms count for all available corridors are now set to 10 rooms.




3. Misc.

The loading screen now shows useful game tips.



Available on PlayStore, FREE to download and play!