NOW AVAILABLE – Victorious Knight (iOS)

RPG genre set in fantasy medieval. After about 5 months in development, finally it’s here, now available on the AppStore.


New challenges awaits you!

Experience fresh RPG experience with a unique combat mechanic, packed with high quality 3D visual content, set in fantasy medieval theme.

Every year, the ForgeDust Archipelago becomes the venue for knights from around the world, risking their lives and testing their strength to claim the title Victorious Knight. You, a proud knight, has prepared for this for many years, and the time has come.

Will you be Victorious?

– Character Growth; level up and spend your acquired Skill Points based on play style!
– Visit The Forge to buy new weapon for a new look and increased attack speed!
– Don’t forget to upgrade your Potion Power to stay longer in battle!
– Tactics does matter, well-timed actions is crucial to win battles!
– Don’t miss a single treasure chest!

May You Be Victorious!

Requires iPhone 5 or later, iPad3 or later and iPod Touch 6th Generation or above to play.
Requires iOS 7 or later iOS version.