Victorious Knight 1.7 – What’s New?

Version 1.7 brings major changes in ‘Battle For Glory’ mode. 

Changes In Battle Mechanic:

1. Tap to attack has been replaced with swipes. (However, tap left/right during counter attacks remained the same)

2. Manual blocking and potion. ‘Slot Action’ no longer available.
3. Passive Block Rate % stat has been replaced with;

i. Perfect Block % (Observe 100% damage)
ii. Block Power Restore Point. (Amount of block power restored when tap left during counter attacks)

4. Attack Speed stat has been replaced with Counter Damage. (Thrust attack/tap right)
5. Both players and Rivals now block only 50% from total damage inflicted.
6. Players has the chance to have a Perfect Block, observing 100% damage.

*It is highly recommended for existing players to take the ‘Battle Mechanic’ tutorial in this update.

Changes In Battle For Glory Gameplay:

1. When defeated, player will no longer forced to start a ‘New Year’.
2. Player will returned to the World Map when defeated.
3. Option to go straight into battle has been added.

4. It’s possible to win ‘Battle For Glory’ without visiting any of the mini maps.
5. Previous/ won stages can be revisited or replayed for Skill Points and Golds.
6. Some changes made to Rival stats and placement/order.
7. You Win/ You Lose screen has been removed.
8. Simplified tutorials.
9. The option to start a new Battle For Glory has been added. (Existing dungeon progress will not be effected when starting a new Battle For Glory.)